• New Year’s Resolutions Gone Awry

    Is it just me or do the years go by faster and faster with each passing 365 days? It seems like just yesterday that I was a woman on a mission as a new autism mom. Oh yea, I had it all figured out… 40 hours of ABA therapy per week, speech and language and occupational therapies.. and let’s not forget the gluten and…

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  • Enhancing Your Advocacy Skills

    “When the System Says “No”… what’s a parent to do?”  As a parent, or educator, so often we’re faced with systems that tell us “no” when we ask for something that we passionately believe that a child or adult with a disability needs. It could be a response to a parent’s request for inclusion, a teacher’s…

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  • Monitoring Your Child’s Education Through Observation

    Now that the school year is in full swing, it’s a good time for parents to schedule an observation of their child’s educational setting. In order to be proactive in your child’s educational progress, it’s important to know what’s occurring during the time they’re at school.

    When conducting a classroom observation:

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  • Parenting Tips for Surviving Winter Break

    Winter break from school gives families a reprieve from battles over homework and schedules wrought with deadlines and time constraints; however, two weeks of unpredictable routines, sensory overloads and changes at every turn can wreak havoc on nearly any family.  But, take a deep breath and consider some of the things…

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  • Holiday Stress Reduction 101

    Reducing Holiday Anxiety for Your Child 
    It's not uncommon for kids and adults with autism to struggle with anxiety, even under conditions that many of us feel are festive. What's viewed as exciting for some people can be a recipe for disaster for another.

    Preparing your kids for changes in routines, mealtimes, and…

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  • Aligning Your Child’s IEP with the State Standards

    The State Standards have been developed to prepare students for college and/or career readiness. This came from the fact that America’s students are not proving to be competitive in the global job market and more and more students are getting to college required to take remedial courses. It is necessary to align the IEP…

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  • Key Questions to Ask When Conducting a School Tour

    Whether your child will be participating in a regular education classroom or specialized program classroom next year, there are certain things to look for when doing your tours. This list will give you hints of what to look for that encompass both sides.

    • Is the staff aware of the district guidelines to Best Practices…

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  • Are You Living Your Best Life? Using Self-Assessment to Create a Better YOU

    Self-evaluation allows you to grow and further your journey of development and learning by encouraging reflection on how you see yourself from an outside perspective. It enables you to truly identify your strengths and weaknesses, so that you can actively cultivate and grow to become the person you wish to be; and at an…

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